I am taking a hiatus from blogging. The posts I now add will be unedited and unpolished, please forgive me. I am using this platform as a storage place for interesting things. I am currently focusing on editing wikipedia articles on contemporary art instead. I encourage you to do the same and to follow still very active blogs like hyperallergic, c-monster, bldgblog, and more. thanks you.

Carlo Bernardini

PERMEABLE SPACE 2003 Stainless steel, optical fibers, electro-luminescent surface, Naviglio Gallery, Milano.
Permeable Space, 2003. Yessss Pleaseee, I have been making little versions of this with a laser and small mirrors in my apartment, but these installations by Carlo Bernardini are amazing, and use also use cooler materials like optical fibers and electro-luminescent surfaces.

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