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Luhring Augustine

I'm sick today, so instead of getting out of bed, I plan on going through art books all day looking at pretty things.
I'll tell you what I find.

Firstly, I grabbed the Luhring Augustine 25year anniversary catalog, which they were handing out for free in the fall. Here are some of the amazing artists in the catalog.

Detail Image
Janine Antoni, Lick & Lather, 1993

Detail Image
Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Centro Galego de Arte Contempor├ínea, #11), 2008

Detail Image
Christopher Wool, She Smiles for the Camera I, 2005

Detail Image
Rachel Whiteread, untitled (library), 1999

Above images taken from Luhring Augustine website, here

Some artists that are not representing by the gallery but were in the catalog:

Detail Image
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled, 1991, Andrea Rosen gallery, here

Gerhard Richter, Working in the Garden I, 1966, here

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