I am taking a hiatus from blogging. The posts I now add will be unedited and unpolished, please forgive me. I am using this platform as a storage place for interesting things. I am currently focusing on editing wikipedia articles on contemporary art instead. I encourage you to do the same and to follow still very active blogs like hyperallergic, c-monster, bldgblog, and more. thanks you.
Have you noticed this trend? Lately I'm noticing German artists of all mediums are blowing up the arts scene. I'm perfectly okay with that, but I am a little biased...

Flashlab is a Germany-based company that "creates photographic still lifes, although the term Volagraphic might be more fitting. In a labour-intensive work process, which employs as many as five people simultaneously for the creation of one photograph, various kinds of objects and materials are thrown and photographed using very short flash exposure times to freeze the movements."

More here via here.


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