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What is sound art?

woah there sound art. This is an amazing installation of incorporating sound by Daniela di maro and roberto pugliese.

Days (installation view). 2009. One audio source consisting of seven stereo audio files, fourteen speakers, two amplifiers, and additional equipment. Dimensions variable. Audio (fourteen channels). Continuous play. The Museum of Modern Art, New York (Committee on Painting and Sculpture Funds, Gift of The Mimi and Peter Haas Fund, Agnes Gund, The Hess Foundation, Michael Ovitz, Jerry I. Speyer, Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Foundation, Donald B. Marron, and The Jill and Peter Kraus Contemporary Acquisition Fund) and Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, Basel, Switzerland.">
Bruce Nauman's Days recently at MoMA was an enjoyable sound installation
an okay youtube video here

Erin O'Hara's really good video "dessert" uses sounds nicely. here

Underwear by FM Belfast (Music Video) from Daniel Scheinert on Vimeo.
FM Belfast's video for Underwear.

Check out an Art:21 article about sound here

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