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Iconic Brooklyn bridge. This is just after I climbed the fence to the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge to have a better view

I had no idea that everyone left of the road would be arrested, around 500 people

The first person to be arrested.

Police shoving us away from the side of the bridge. This made me think a lot about public space. When does an action become political? When does public space become no longer public? If this had been tourists photographing the manhattan skyline, there would be no pushing involved.

Cuffed with zip ties and waiting.

This is a shot of the accredited journalists photographing the event. they had one area where they were allowed to be. Apparently a Huffpost reporter was arrested.

Detained protesters being bused to jail in a NYC public bus. Thanks MTA. You are always late when I need you for work.

Officer Rudolph lost his cool and began shoving onlookers. Nobody was arrested, maybe because we were on public space and complying with the police.


  1. We're on the march!

  2. Good intentions don't render you immune from the law.

  3. http://blogs.orlandoweekly.com/index.php/2011/10/welcome-to-the-occupation/

  4. These are good intention i don't see the problem

  5. The beauty of are country is the right to freedom of speech. So protest your heart away peacefully.