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Robert Montgomery

Artist Robert Montgomery
Artist Robert Montgomery
two works by Robert Montgomery. I saw these on booooooom blog. Someone commented saying that he should write poetry... I thought that was interesting, because I think that the top work could easily be considered installation poetry, or poetry+ as I commented... I am glad he uses his voice by replacing advertising space, instead them for a book. I would definitely enjoy running across one of these works.
Another comment caught my attention, saying that people should donate money to replace advertising around them with art like this. I wonder if there is a way to do this? The audience for billboards could easily pool together money and 'curate' their block, with images and text they want to see. Maybe images that will make you feel content and beautiful instead of ugly and needing...

image taken from here

This of course reminds me of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. One of my favorite ideas of his was his images that the gallery or museum curator would place on billboards around a city. These simple, wordless, photographs would give unexpected aesthetic consideration to a common location. Nice. Yet, the museum is still funding and curating, isn't there a way to crowd-source this? I think so.

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