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Risking Death for Photography and Wikileaks

Adam Dean, Pakistan
photo by Adam Dean
an article at the Guardian about war photography here. (warning: some really disturbing photos...)
In terms of cultural relevance and commitment to the human race, are these photographers more important than any artist? I don't think we need artists risking their lives, but if artists are proposing alternatives to capitalism, confronting tyranny, promoting socialism, like many social practice/relational aesthetic artists claim,  wouldn't they be better servicing society by being photo journalists, politicians, or social workers? just thinking online here.

Must read article by Ben Davis about an interview between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over at artinfo here.

How does the internet change your life? It makes you live in the present tense. Joanne McNeil at Rhizome, here.

Also: Check out these incredible tattoos by Amanda Wachob. I am really impressed by the abstract ones. thanks Lenny

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