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Drowned photographs

Lately, I've noticed a theme of photographers "drowning" their images in bodies of water that are relevant to the concept or the content of the image itself. I've done similar things in my own work, so I'm really interested in how these photographers tie together practice with concept.

The series "Drowned" by photographer Seba Kurtis explores the humanitarian issues in the Canary Islands. His website says, "Thousands of Africans have reached the Canary Islands in recent years, thousands more are believed to have drowned or died of thirst or exposure in the attempt. I drowned the boxes with the sheets of film off the shores of the same ocean that they crossed."

Some of the images look nearly untouched, while others have been erased of most information, leaving an empty color field in the aftermath of the drowning.

Find more images from this series and others at Seba Kurtis' website

- Jessica

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