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Two Shows I Curated

I try to not use this blog for too much self promotion, but I have organized two shows in Indiana that are opening this week. I would love to see all my Hoosier readers come out, they will undoubtedly be spectacular shows. There are artists from France, Ecuador, New Zealand, and one now living in Mexico. Video, sound, photography, and drawing are represented. I hope to see you all come out.

Green Tunnel, Kevin Gallagher, 2009

Contingent Process
The materials and methods of creation have been expanding rapidly since the 1960's, constructing works of art that are radically different from those of the past. This show examines a small facet of this expansion with works that incorporate ideas of a contingent process – where artworks are results of circumstances as opposed to traditional aesthetic finesse. Artists Jessica Adams, Kevin Gallagher, Julien Nedelec, and Lauren Zoll have relinquished some aesthetic control during production to instead allow their work to naturally grow from circumstances. Through this blurring of the historical notions of authorship and creation, we will see artworks incorporating the exciting new aesthetics of processes.

Opens at Christopher West Presents in Indianapolis, IN. May 6th. 6-8pm

The Past Has Made Us Apprehensive Of The Present, Jason Irla, 2010.

Time Great thinkers from physicists to theologians have continually struggled to explain time. This eternally ephemeral dimension has an undeniable presence, albeit an entirely subjective one.  Nicolas Bourriaud, famous art writer and curator, said, "History is the new continent, as that we are living in an era which is Google earthed... the last continent to be discovered is time." Using time-based works as their platform, artists Caleb Larsen, Dick Whyte, Evan Livingston, Heather Donahue, Jason Irla, Julie Rooney, and Oscar Santillan explore this medium and examine history.  Seen together, these works express a contemporary understanding of time, rejecting an objective and linear narrative in favor of considering the present as being entwined with the past and in constant negotiation with the future.

Opens at Low Road Gallery in Greencastle, IN. May 6th. 7-9pm

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