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Shopping for artists

I realize that Ben usually doesn't use this blog as a forum to discuss personal projects, but I think that my advertisement here will not only benefit myself, but it will greatly benefit you, the readers.

I've recently been honored with the position of Director at the Low Road Gallery in Greencastle, IN. We show a wide variety of high-quality contemporary art from around the country (yes, that means you too, New York) and we've created a sort of community between the rural town of Greencastle and the liberal arts college of DePauw University.

So, I'm shopping for artists. This is my way of reaching out to the people whose art I may have never seen otherwise. And if you're a reader of this blog, you must be pretty cool, right?

If you're interested in the possibility of showing at the Low Road, read more information here and then send me 5 images and an artist's statement here.

Thanks, and good luck!

- Jessica

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