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Rirkrit Tiravanija: The Land

The Land: 
"The land project was initiated by Rirkrit and Kamin Letchaiprasert as a self-sustaining environment emerging from the artistic community. The land is located in the northern part of Thailand, near the village of Sanpathong, 20 km southwest from the provincial city of Chiang Mai. It is intended to be cultivated as an open space or community free from ownership, with elements favoring discussions and experimentation in the fields of culture. The land is open to the day-to-day activities of local living (i.e. the growing of rice) and to the neighboring community. On the social field of the land, artistic practices are discussed and tested. This project, a hybrid of innovation and traditionalism, contrasts contemporary materials and technologies with 
ancient forms of agriculture."

I have grown to appreciate Rirkrit Tiravanija more and more, this project sounds like it has much of the draw of a commune, with none of the hippy architecture and cooking. 

Text taken from here.
more at the Land's incomprehensible website here.

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