I am taking a hiatus from blogging. The posts I now add will be unedited and unpolished, please forgive me. I am using this platform as a storage place for interesting things. I am currently focusing on editing wikipedia articles on contemporary art instead. I encourage you to do the same and to follow still very active blogs like hyperallergic, c-monster, bldgblog, and more. thanks you.


I watched Collapse about Michael C. Ruppert and his theory that there will be a huge collapse of the worlds' population soon. Although the guy seemed a little crazy he brought out a graph of world population and asked if we really think a finite amount of food and oil can sustain our population trajectory? I don't really see how it can... Ruppert claims we have already reached peak oil production, meaning we are rapidly running out, and with the population incline, and the resources on the decline, there must be a massive collapse. Everyday there are new cars advertised that can get 2mpg more than the last one, that seems like an absurdly small improvement when considering this graph. Ruppert basically promotes local sustainable farming.

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