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Luc Tuyman's show corporate now at David Zwirner here
Good village voice article on the show here.

The village voice article lists John Currin, Neo Rauch, Gerhard Richter, Lisa Yuskavage, and Tuyman as "credited rescuing the practice of painting..." so I figured I would show some work by these painters.

Neo Rauch, who is also represented by David Zwirner here

Gerhard Richter

Lisa Yuskavage. also at Zwirner. here
I really don't like these cheesy soft core porn paintings...


  1. Would anyone disagree with these artists as saving Painting? I would remove Yuskavage and add Marlene Dumas and Jenny Saville

  2. I would say that Marcel Dzama, Margaret Kilgallen, Chris Johanson and Peter Doig are really important painters that are more influential than the above artists. If the article meant they are saving the TRADITIONAL act of painting, then perhaps.

  3. Dumas for sure. Not sure what I think about Saville.