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Food+Art, November Show

Andy and August.

My apartment is now a pop-up gallery/curatorial experiment in food and art. I will be hosting/curating shows once a month. Anyone is welcome and if you would like to receive information about the next show, email me at contemporaryartruck@gmail.com

November's show, Natural Bodies, features work by August Chiarella and Andy Knecht. Both artists are exploring the human form in relation to nature, yet with drastically different approaches and styles.

Andy's black and white photographs contextualize humans back into nature by making formal comparisons between the two. Andy's piece consists of six individual photographs, comprising an insightful exploration with beautifully developed works.

August's work explores artificiality in an attempt to understand a constant. Bright colorful leaves work as the backdrop to a beautifully drawn human bone. Each work represents a season, relating to pop culture and fads that pass quickly, while the bone grounds us in time.

The food, cooked mostly by August, was a delicious array of h'ordeuvres that would make most galleries look like McDonalds. Food is important to these shows; I want to provide a beautiful setting for your eyes and stomach.

Both artists are great and talented people still in undergraduate studies at Earlham, where I graduated. Together their work creates a compelling dialog about our presence in the world as humans, a presence that has exceedingly become understood as a negative one.

The work.
Some of the food.
Almost ready.

Realllly famous people. Reallly important, and rich too.
more rich famous people
rich famous collectors.

Thanks to all that came, and hope to see you at the December's show.
I am always looking at art and would love to look at yours if you want a show with all of these famous rich collectors attending.

Also, here was my first show with Jessica Adams. Here

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