I am taking a hiatus from blogging. The posts I now add will be unedited and unpolished, please forgive me. I am using this platform as a storage place for interesting things. I am currently focusing on editing wikipedia articles on contemporary art instead. I encourage you to do the same and to follow still very active blogs like hyperallergic, c-monster, bldgblog, and more. thanks you.

Now, I work for Tara Donovan, and have helped to install this plastic cup piece pictured above (read my article here) but this work:
Hans Haacke, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn
by Hans Haacke (Wide White Flow. Electric fans, white silk fabric)  
This work just blew my mind. More here
The works are almost exactly the same photographically and yet experientially, I assume, are completely different. I am a huge fan of both of these artists for their ability to produce process specific installations. What I mean by that is a choice of process and material that mandates an outcome. I will elaborate more later... comments please.

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  1. What's more amazing is the 9 year old chinese "cupstacker" that tore down this exhibit in 13.5 seconds.