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New Museum

I took my first trip to the New Museum to see what was the what. I had heard from perspectives from William Powhida, Jerry Saltz, and Roberta Smith, all of which were not exactly glowing.
As I explored the galleries I felt like I was stumbling around 111 Front St in DUMBO.  A little confused, a little less impressed than I had hoped, but also full of potential.
I did enjoy the "Walking in Circles" installation by Rivane Neuenschwander (above) the most, which consisted of glue circles on the floor hidden throughout the gallery until they slowly built up grime from the visitors' movements.  The bucket installation, "Rain Rains" was visually very pleasing as well. I was not too convinced by the conceptual merit of the work however, I suppose time will tell.
Nothing in the museum merited a change in my opinion formed by the negative reviews aforementioned, I would stick to good contemporary galleries which are free, or to good established museums like the Guggenheim.

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