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Dancing to 'Bizarre love triangle' by New Order (T=4.21)
Katja Mater. I think two people dancing to that song with an exposure of 4min21seconds. It must be in complete darkness.

het fotografish genoegen. (I don't know what that means but I think it is the book's title)
A photograph of every single page of a book on one negative.

Katja Mater of the Netherlands states on her website that her work:

originates from a meta perspective, dealing with the possibilities and
impossibilities of Photography. Rather than documenting frozen moments
in time, she turns the medium in on itself, aiming to show its
intangible character. She makes visible the areas in which
the technique does not behave like human perception, to offer
a better view on photography as a creating rather than a
documenting medium.

I have recently been wondering if Modernism, except for painting, is alive and well within other mediums. Artists like Katja Mater or perhaps Darren Almond's full moon-midnight photographs are pushing the medium's ability to find how it is unique. Greenberg's ideas around purity of medium were realized for painting with the monochrome paintings, yet that is no reason to discontinue the investigation with mediums. I think Katja Mater is doing that. She explores shutter speed, aperture, her own flash, and how the camera understands light. These photographs are also wonderful in that throughout that intense investigation she has not lost aesthetic sensibility.
Wonderful work Here

Danke Schone Jessica

Good interview and recap of #Class with William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton on Idiom, here.

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