I am taking a hiatus from blogging. The posts I now add will be unedited and unpolished, please forgive me. I am using this platform as a storage place for interesting things. I am currently focusing on editing wikipedia articles on contemporary art instead. I encourage you to do the same and to follow still very active blogs like hyperallergic, c-monster, bldgblog, and more. thanks you.
Herb and Dorothy Vogel. Note, they bought a Christo and Jeanne-Claude piece very early on in their career. The payment? Cat sitting while the artist duo were installing abroad...
I just watched the documentary Herb & Dorothy here. "The incredible true story of a postal worker and a librarian who built a world-class art collection." This was an incredible story, and dare I admit it, super heart warming. The adorable couple are so endearing and uplifting, and the collection they acquired with such a small income is truly amazing. This is the type of movie I want every person to see before coming to my openings, so as they would instantly feel called to invest in art. I know the movie made me feel that way, and I highly recommend it to any art fan.

-Werner Herzog narrates the epic and moving tale of a plastic bag trying to figure out the existential questions of our time. Yes the Pacific ocean trash vortex is involved, really something to watch here

-Really good ceramics here. '“In language,” he says, “it’s different. We are always having misunderstandings. But I believe tactile functional objects also provide a direct way for people to communicate.”' I like that idea, too bad I hate making functional things.

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