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Fear of Flying

Christopher West Presents had an opening last night for the three person show, Fear of Flying featuring artists Josh Azzarella from New York, Stacey M. Holloway from Indianapolis who recently received her MFA, and Los Angeles based artist Euan Macdonald. Christopher West has managed to bring together these artists from all over the country and from different periods in their careers together for a great show that should not be missed.

When I first heard that Christopher West was going to squeeze three artists into his small gallery I was skeptical-how would he maintain his clean minimalist curatorial aesthetic? Yet, unsurprisingly he pulled it off fantastically. Showing two videos, one by Azzarella and another by Macdonald, and one installation by Holloway, the show was nicely cohesive yet explorative enough to maintain fascination. It is rare in Indianapolis that I see a show that I feel a need to return for more-to reconsider and examine further. This is one of those shows.

For more information like hours go to Christopher West Presents' site here.
Stacey M. Holloway's site here
Josh Azzarella's site here
and Euan Macdonald says Fuck you internet, I have solo shows at SFMoMA

Stacey M. Holloway's
Gestures of the Unconscious- Which is not being shown at Christopher West Presents, but is pretty awesome.

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